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Talking Points 2008
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Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental!
The possibility of bringing extinct species back to life has been raised by research performed by Japanese scientists. What are the implications for mankind? Roger and Rafa explore the ethical dilemmas. Click here
4 November 2008
No guarantees!
Because players are allowed to accept undisclosed guarantees from tournament organisers and because the ranking system allows certain results to be discounted, the competitive structure of the professional game has been undermined. It has become open to abuse by unscrupulous elements. Tennis's newly formed Integrity Unit would do well to address the issue of appearance money as urgently as possible. Click here
17 September 2008
The WTA hot potato
It's probably reasonable to assume that tennis players hate losing. It's strange, then, that the WTA Tour is now on the cusp of a phenomenon whereby all the contenders for the recently vacated number one spot seem scared of winning that accolade owing to all the hullabaloo that goes with it. Click here
8 August 2008
Can Wimbledon keep a lid on night sessions?
Sporting insomniacs should not despair when they hear Ian Ritchie dismiss the notion of separately ticketed night matches. As sure as grass is green, they will come. And the All England Club will not lose any sleep over it. Click here
2 May 2008
Can the symbolism of the Olympic torch resonate beyond the Chinese walls?
Chinese censorship, Western vested interests and media bias all threaten to add smokescreen to smog in Beijing this summer. Click here
28 March 2008
Mirza falls foul of the "tall poppy" syndrome
What we're witnessing in respect of Sania Mirza may well be a manifestation of the "tall poppy" syndrome, whereby a Muslim woman with the temerity to rise above her station and become not only a highly successful international athlete but also a highly popular youth icon is summarily chopped down. Click here
7 February 2008
Timeout error!
In the final round of qualifying for this year's Australian Open, Britain's Jamie Baker had the misfortune to come up against Daniel Kollerer, whose boorish behaviour has blighted many a sporting encounter on the Challenger circuit. At 4-4 in the second set, the 25-year-old Austrian served a double fault. With Baker pumped up and focused on the crucial break point which would leave him, should he manage to convert it, serving for a coveted place in the main draw, Kollerer marched to his chair demanding to see the trainer. Baker was then left cooling his ardour during an eight minute injury timeout. Click here
16 January 2008

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